Electric Monitoring solutions for Mobile Towers/base stations 














The year of 2020 is the first year of 5G , the communications industry is undergoing vigorous development,major operators and tower groups are deploying a new generation of communications base stations. The power consumption of base stations continues to rise, intelligent power monitoring and energy-saving management of communication base stations have become the research direction of various operators.

1.At the same time, the current power usage of tower base stations has the following problems:

Electricity stealing by related personnel:

Corresponding personnel will rely on the power supply system of the base station to connect privately used equipment.

2.Non-production energy consumption remains high:

According to statistical analysis, the average electricity expenditure of each base station air conditioner accounts for about 54% of the entire base station electricity expenditure. Air conditioners have become the main power-consuming equipment in the base station computer room.

3.Poor system linkage:

The base station equipment and lines cannot be controlled remotely, and the corresponding personnel cannot be notified and measures taken immediately when the line fails.

4.The number of base stations is large, the operation and maintenance burden is heavy, and the efficiency is low:

The existing base station power supply system still cannot meet the increasing needs of users for intelligence, informatization, visualization, and easy maintenance. There is no pre-perception and judgment on the hidden dangers of the battery in the system, and the operation and maintenance personnel are required to continue to the scene Perform operation and maintenance services, and the operation and maintenance efficiency is low.

Relying on strong R&D strength and rich industry experience, Acrel pay attention to improve the situations from both software and hardware aspects.



1. 美国某铁塔集非洲各地区铁塔远程电力监控项目,需接入大量交、直流采集仪表到后台,为其更合理地掌握、分析电能使用情况提供实时、准确、稳定的基层数据。安科瑞凭借17年电力行业良好的口碑和实力,丰富的产品线,过硬的产品质量、快速的交货周期,强有力的技术支持,通过多个现场的实地测试,在多个品牌比较中脱颖而出,成为该集团的优秀供应商,并达成战略合作协议。

1.One of tower companies in the United States integrates remote power monitoring systems for towers in Africa areas. It requires to be connected into a large number of AC and DC collection meters to provide real-time, accurate and stable basic-level data for it to more effectively grasp and analyze power usage. Relying on 17 years of good reputation and strength in the power industry, Ankerui has a rich product line, excellent product quality, fast delivery cycle, strong technical support, and has passed multiple on-site field tests and compared multiple brands. Stand out, become the high-quality supplier of the group, and reach a strategic cooperation agreement.

2. 中国铁塔股份有限公司是由中国移动通信有限公司、中国联合网络通信有限公司、中国电信股份有限公司和中国国新控股有限责任公司出资设立的大型国有通信铁塔基础设施服务企业。公司主要从事通信铁塔等基站配套设施和高铁地铁公网覆盖、大型室内分布系统的建设、维护和运营。2017年,安科瑞根据铁塔Q/ZTT 1017-2015《基站交流智能电表技术规范》,Q/ZTT 2205-2017《基站直流电能计量模块技术要求》要求,定制开发直流电表,目前已大量应用于该项目。

2.China Tower Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned communications tower infrastructure service company funded by China Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., China United Network Communications Co., Ltd., China Telecom Co., Ltd. and China Guoxin Holdings Co., Ltd. The company is mainly engaged in the construction, maintenance and operation of base station supporting facilities such as communication towers, high-speed rail subway public network coverage, and large indoor distribution systems. In 2017, Acrel customized and developed DC meters according to the requirements of Q/ZTT 1017-2015 "Technical Specifications for Base Station AC Smart Meters" and Q/ZTT 2205-2017 "Technical Requirements for Base Station DC Energy Metering Modules", which has been widely used in this project.

III.Acrel Solutions

1. Acrel Software solutions.


1.We has developed a electric monitoring system for mobile tower/ base station.By installing AC/DC smart meters, wireless smart meters and electric monitoring system to the tower base station to complete the power-off operation during the night without business hours, reduces power consumption, reduces operating costs, and improves the real-time monitoring and protection function of the power supply line status of communication equipment; the system backstage sorts out, summarizes and summarizes the stored historical electrical performance data of the power supply line Analyze, find out the cause of the failure, give suggestions for solutions, reduce the incidence of subsequent similar failures, and improve the power supply line operation and maintenance management and control capabilities.

2. Acrel DC Meter solution

3.Acrel AC meter solution